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News by Department

  • The Elliot Hawkes Lab's jumping robot
    The Elliot Hawkes Lab's jumping robot
    Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
    A device developed in the Elliot Hawkes Lab achieves the tallest height of any known jumper, engineered or biological
  • Bren School of Environmental Science & Management, Environmental Science and Management
    With swift, concerted and careful action, the ocean can be sustainably cultivated to provide food for future populations
  • Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Letters and Science, Biomolecular Science and Engineering, Ecology Evolution and Marine Biology
    Doctoral student receives award for women researchers
  • Letters and Science
    Professors receive prestigious honors, and significant grants, for their research
  • Letters and Science
    Scholars to discuss LGBTQ Literature in Taiwan
  • Letters and Science, Earth Science
    Assistant professor Morgan Raven receives an NSF Faculty Early CAREER award
  • Letters and Science, Environmental Studies
    Professor Peter Alagona’s book explores urban environments and the wildlife that has come to call them home
  • Letters and Science
    Speakers to mark 48th anniversary of Portugal’s Carnation Revolution
  • UC Santa Barbara student Piper Lovegreen measures the chlorophyll content of plants for the SHIFT project
    Bren School of Environmental Science & Management
    New NASA research campaign at UCSB Natural Reserves links plant biodiversity and health with remote sensing technology
  • Letters and Science
    History graduate student named WW Dissertation Fellow for 2022