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News by Department

  • Letters and Science, Anthropology
    Breakthrough research examines the effects of introduced animals on Madagascar’s extinct megafauna
  • Campus COVID experts discuss the fast-spreading Delta variant
  • Letters and Science, Economics
    Lee Ohanian discusses shift in California’s governance that led to high cost of living and doing business in the state
  • Letters and Science
    JoAnn Kuchera-Morin to join new, forward-looking California 100 initiative
  • Letters and Science
    Scholars find antagonism toward motherhood dissuades women from pursuing academic science careers
  • Engineering, Chemical Engineering
    Chemical engineer Michelle O’Malley again recognized for her highly innovative research
  • Letters and Science, Religious Studies
    UC Santa Barbara joins forces with global 84000 project to translate entirety of the Tibetan Buddhist canon
  • Letters and Science, Ecology Evolution and Marine Biology
    Ecologist Ruby Harris-Gavin reflects on Ireland’s ‘conflicted national relationship with trees’
  • Creative Studies
    Two graduate students win the first-ever Graduate Division Crossroads 2.0 Course Proposal Competition
  • Letters and Science
    Researchers propose a scheme that treats carbon emissions like financial debt