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News by Department

  • chemistry, materials students
    Engineering, Materials, Letters and Science, Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Three universities join together to bring cutting-edge STEM research to a more diverse user base
  • The Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics is among the first areas of campus to resume full in-person activities
  • Letters and Science, Geography
    Researcher connects climate change science with the real-world impacts of extreme weather in his new book
  • Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
    CRISPR gene editing technology and a multi-university collaboration lead to important new insights about hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
  • Letters and Science, Ecology Evolution and Marine Biology, Environmental Studies
    UC Santa Barbara experts weigh in on the effects of offshore wind energy
  • Letters and Science, Earth Science
    Researchers find that global ocean warming started later than previously estimated
  • Letters and Science, Ecology Evolution and Marine Biology
    Fish feces, a common reef occurrence, becomes a problem for coral as water warms
  • Letters and Science, Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Ph.D. candidate is first-ever UC Santa Barbara graduate student to receive Link Foundation Fellowship
  • Funerary model, Egypt
    Letters and Science
    Anthony Barbieri breaks new ground with comparative study of two empires
  • Engineering, Materials
    Researchers around the world are buzzing about a candidate superconductor created at UCSB’s NSF Quantum Foundry