News by Department

  • Bren School of Environmental Science & Management, Environmental Science and Management, Letters and Science, Geography

    California has two fire problems, and they’re very different

  • Engineering, Computer Science

    UC Santa Barbara hosts 8th semiannual UC Cyber Security Summit

  • Letters and Science, Physics

    UCSB/Google researchers demonstrate the power of 53 entangled qubits

  • New findings detail a method for investigating the inner workings of stars in a rare phase

  • Letters and Science

    Scholar examines Afro-Atlantic rituals of trance possession, connection to the divine, relevance to LGBTQ identities

  • Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering

    ECE professor receives Air Force Young Investigator Award for quantum computing

  • Data science enables researchers to better manage and share research collections

  • Letters and Science, Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology

    Pluripotency is a feature of stem cell populations in which individual cells must know a great deal about their surroundings

  • Gevirtz Graduate School of Education

    ‘Fast & Curious’ education lecture series from the Gevirtz School returns with six speakers at the Santa Barbara Public Library

  • Letters and Science, Psychological and Brain Sciences

    Society’s tendency to denigrate kids these days is a ‘memory tic,’ says cognitive scientist John Protzko