News by Department

  • Letters and Science

    Political economist explains the federal budget deficit and its impact on the domestic economy and more

  • UCSB Dance Company
    Letters and Science

    UCSB Dance Company marks 30 years on campus with performances and 10th anniversary European tour

  • Letters and Science, Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology

    A woman’s resistance to genetic, early-onset Alzheimer’s may hold the key to future therapies for the neurodegenerative disease

  • Letters and Science, Communication, Psychological and Brain Sciences

    Researchers study virtual reality’s potential for bringing together older adults and their children

  • Jaymes Johnson and Meme Moore
    Creative Studies, Engineering, Letters and Science

    Scholar Retention Program supports academically dismissed students seeking to complete their degrees

  • Letters and Science, Ecology Evolution and Marine Biology

    Researchers embed acoustic equipment in the Santa Barbara Channel to listen for whales

  • Letters and Science

    UC Santa Barbara’s Veterans and Military Services celebrate Veterans Day

  • Engineering, Computer Science

    Top minds from industry, academia attend summit focused on responsible machine learning hosted at UCSB

  • Letters and Science

    UC Santa Barbara scholar’s book examines how Mormons survived an effort to destroy their religion and became a force in the West

  • Uganda hippo
    Letters and Science, Ecology Evolution and Marine Biology

    UC Santa Barbara scientists are first to track hippo movement and land use