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News by Department

  • Letters and Science
    UCSB joins alliance that aims to boost research for minority-serving institutions
  • Autumn sorghum harvests in the Karamoja region of Uganda
    Researchers tie grain prices to the start of the season (SOS) in eastern and southern Africa
  • Letters and Science, Communication, Psychological and Brain Sciences
    Researchers will lead a clinical trial to see how virtual reality can help older adults and their families
  • Letters and Science, Geography
    Researchers reveal the growing threat extreme heat poses to urban populations
  • NEXT Energy Technologies’ Solar Prototype Window Wall
    Letters and Science, Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Researchers identify and clear efficiency hurdle for organic solar cells
  • Letters and Science, Communication
    Long considered an exemplary scholar in her field,  UC Santa Barbara professor of communication Tamara Afifi has cemented her status as a leader in the area of family and...
  • Richard Cumberbatch as Richard III in "The Hollow Crown."
    Letters and Science
    Carsey-Wolf Center to present series focusing on TV from around the globe
  • Light Elephant in the rose garden at the Santa Barbara Mission
    Creative Studies, Letters and Science, Art
    A unique public art project culminates in an exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Letters and Science, Earth Science, Ecology Evolution and Marine Biology, Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology
    NSF funds $12.5 million for a new research collaboration to study species’ resilience to infectious disease
  • Letters and Science
    Research suggests dairying played major role in Bronze Age expansion of Yamnaya populations