News by Department

  • Letters and Science, Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology

    Pluripotency is a feature of stem cell populations in which individual cells must know a great deal about their surroundings

  • Gevirtz Graduate School of Education

    ‘Fast & Curious’ education lecture series from the Gevirtz School returns with six speakers at the Santa Barbara Public Library

  • Letters and Science, Psychological and Brain Sciences

    Society’s tendency to denigrate kids these days is a ‘memory tic,’ says cognitive scientist John Protzko

  • Engineering, Materials, Mechanical Engineering, Letters and Science, Physics

    Five members of the physics and engineering faculty are elected fellows of the American Physical Society

  • Letters and Science, Geography

    Researchers study a link between Arctic sea ice and conditions in the tropics

  • Bren School of Environmental Science & Management, Environmental Science and Management

    Deforestation and malaria are intimately tied in the Amazon

  • Bren School of Environmental Science & Management, Letters and Science, Earth Science, Environmental Studies

    The Central Coast Sustainability Summit aims to spark solutions and partnerships around environmental challenges

  • Letters and Science, Feminist Studies

    Feminist studies scholar traces how labor standards for women in the workplace have evolved over the past century

  • Letters and Science, Anthropology

    Research team will gauge public perception and societal implications of two projects aimed at creating synthetic cells

  • Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

    Mechanical engineer Elliot Hawkes’s simple running hack is fun and increases efficiency