News by Department

  • face shield parts

    Researchers begin 3D-printing protective gear to aid local medical facilities

  • Letters and Science

    Researchers who have studied xenophobic reactions to disease outbreaks consider society’s response to COVID-19

  • Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

    A new, human-scale soft robot can move untethered and navigate human environments

  • Creative Studies, Engineering, Letters and Science

    Decisions will be released as scheduled, Tuesday, March 17

  • Engineering, Computer Science, Letters and Science, Statistics and Applied Probability

    UC Santa Barbara leads a multi-campus data science initiative with funding from the National Science Foundation

  • Letters and Science, Anthropology

    Anthropologists find a mother’s social status improves her children’s health

  • Bren School of Environmental Science & Management, Creative Studies, Engineering, Gevirtz Graduate School of Education, Letters and Science

    Chancellor announces proactive steps including transition to remote instruction

  • Letters and Science

    UC Santa Barbara students who participated in an excavation at La Purisima Mission turn findings into data

  • Ken Hiltner's Climate Crisis 101 lecture on reducing GHG emissions
    Ken Hiltner's Climate Crisis 101 lecture on reducing GHG emissions
    Letters and Science, English, Environmental Studies

    New course about the climate crisis is open to all, courtesy of YouTube lectures, a dedicated website and open-source materials

  • Letters and Science, Physics

    Physicists at UC Santa Barbara will develop instruments to directly image exoplanets