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Invasive Species, Endemic Breeds

wood gathering
Thursday, March 8, 2018 - 17:30
Art, Design & Architecture Museum
Learn how to pick, card and spin wool on a spindle and wheel with Art Department Professor Lisa Jevbratt, who will introduce her new project, "Invasive Species / Endemic Breeds ­– A Sensorial Mapping of the Channel Islands," and discuss the history of the islands, conservation, natural dyeing and all things wool. A demonstration on use of the spindle and wheel will be followed by participants trying out several spindles and two spinning wheels that will be available. The result of this evening's work (the cleaned wool and spun yarn) will become part of a larger project because it will be knit and woven onto the blanket and scarves we are making that will be donated to community organizations when finished.  Invasive Species / Endemic Breeds is a process-based, collaborative art project. Over the course of the next four years, Jevbratt will guided a group of local artists and craftspeople in the process of dyeing Santa Cruz Island Sheep wool with dye from invasive and non-native plants growing on the Channel Islands. The public will be invited to participate in the process through workshops in museums, our studios, and cafés. The wool will be crafted into blankets, toys and other objects to be exhibited at the new Channel Islands Center that will open next to the Ventura County Museum in 2021. After the exhibition these objects will be donated to local charities, women’s shelters and homeless shelters. Invasive Species / Endemic Breeds is combining traditional techniques such as spinning and weaving with ‘Performative Science’ and ‘Relational Aesthetics’ strategies. It’s an attempt to device anoriginal artistic methodology pushing the limits of how art functions. The process, the work with the wool and the plants and the interactions and discussions, is the project.