• Nicole Lamartine ready to do the heavy lifting as UC Santa Barbara’s new choir director
  • "Luisa Fernanda," the hugely popular romantic zarzuela by Frederico Moreno Torroba, has been performed over 10,000 times on stages around the world.
  • Freedom Now!
    Artists explore a variety of landscapes, taking in turn topography and geology, geography and history, and politics and culture. In some cases, such as the work of artist-in-...
  • Is it music? Is it sheer sound? Challenging the definition of what can be called music, noise music is a phenomenon that continues to puzzle, intrigue and even offend. In his...
  • In his new book, "Charles Ives in the Mirror," music professor David Paul examines the American composer.
  • In her new book, “The Signifying Eye,” professor of English Candace Waid shows author William Faulkner’s art take shape in sweeping arcs of social, labor, and aesthetic...


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