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Alumnus Joseph Bishop releases new book, "Our Children Can’t Wait"

Gevirtz Graduate School of Education -

Dr. Joseph Bishop (Education, Policy, Leadership, Organizations, Ph.D., ’08) has edited the forthcoming book, Our Children Can’t Wait: The Urgency of Reinventing Education Policy in America (Teachers College Press, 2022).

In Our Children Can’t Wait, Dr. Bishop and others describe how education policies in the United States have too long and too often ignored circumstances outside of school that impact educational...

Student Profile: Arnold Rodriguez Robles makes the case for cultural and linguistic diversity in school psychology

Gevirtz Graduate School of Education -

GGSE: How did your background as a dual language teacher lead you to pursue a Ph.D. in School Psychology at UCSB?
Arnold Rodriguez Robles: My work in the classroom is what really sparked my interest in learning how children develop socially, emotionally, and linguistically. Getting to work in a dual-language immersion program led me to want to study the different methods used to help children reach...

The Koegel Autism Center holds its annual Neurodivergent Art Show Thursday, December 1st

Gevirtz Graduate School of Education -

The Koegel Autism Center’s Creative Club will be holding its second annual Neurodivergent Art Show on Thursday, December 1st from 5:30-8 pm at the Koegel Autism Center on the UC Santa Barbara campus. This event is free and open to the public.

The Koegel Autism Center’s Creative Club is a community of neurodivergent adults and allies that meets once a week to share experiences, inspiration, and time with one another. This show will...

Eleven Gevirtz School faculty members receive promotions in 2022

Gevirtz Graduate School of Education -

Eleven members of the Gevirtz School faculty have recently heard from the Academic Senate about well-earned promotions.

Richard Durán has been promoted to Distinguished Professor; Tarek Azzam, Erika Felix, and Karen Nylund-Gibson have been promoted to Full Professor; Miya Barnett, Alison Cerezo, Rachel Lambert, and Sarah Roberts have been promoted to Associate Professor, and therefore are now tenured faculty; Andrew Fedders and...

Dean Jeffrey Milem returns as a guest lecturer in Harvard University’s “Bravely Confronting Racism in Higher Education” course

Gevirtz Graduate School of Education -

Jeffrey Milem, Jules Zimmer Dean of UC Santa Barbara’s Gevirtz School, was a guest lecturer in Harvard University’s Bravely Confronting Racism in Higher Education online course on November 7. This is the third time Milem has been inivted. The course, presented by the Harvard Graduate School of Education, is designed to help participants, build a more equitable environment for the community of students, faculty, and staff within their...

Alumna Jacqueline Reid appointed to Santa Barbara County 2nd District Commission for Women

Gevirtz Graduate School of Education -

Alumna Jacqueline Reid of UC Santa Barbara’s Gevirtz School was appointed as a 2nd District Commissioner for the County of Santa Barbara’s Commission for Women. The Santa Barbara County Commission for Women is dedicated to ensuring the equal status and well-being of women in Santa Barbara County. The Commission advises the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors on public policies that aim to promote women’s access to equitable health care...

TEP alumnus Brent Pillsbury releases new book, "Screens Down"

Gevirtz Graduate School of Education -

Brent Pillsbury, alumnus of the Gevirtz School’s Teacher Education Program, published his first book this year: Screens Down: An Unapologetic Vision of Good Teaching When Technology is a Passenger, Not the Driver.

The essay collection, co-authored with teaching colleague and friend Ron Archer, invites future and current secondary education teachers and administrators to reflect on and improve their approaches to classroom...

Student Profile: Maddie Hayden wants to build learning environments where all students feel safe

Gevirtz Graduate School of Education -

GGSE: What past experiences made you want to become a school psychologist?
Maddie Hayden: I grew up in a METCO receiving school district in the Greater Boston area. METCO is the nation’s largest voluntary school desegregation program, which allows Boston students to attend better-resourced, predominantly white schools through a lottery system. There are numerous benefits of the METCO program for both...

The Department of Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology holds its annual Research Festival Monday, November 14

Gevirtz Graduate School of Education -

The Department of Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology (CCSP) at the UC Santa Barbara Gevirtz School will be holding a Research Festival on Monday, November 14 from 8:40 am to 12:05 pm at Mosher Alumni House. The festival is free and open to the public. Ten students will be presenting their cutting-edge research during the symposium event. In order to receive their Master’s degree, all 2nd year CCSP students submit a research festival...

Student Profile: Kaylee Laub helps science students focus on local issues

Gevirtz Graduate School of Education -

GGSE: You have five years of middle school science teaching experience. What made you want to go back to school and get a Ph.D. in the Department of Education?
Kaylee Laub: I decided to go back to school at the start of the pandemic where I enrolled in Fresno State's Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program. My intentions were to seek new pedagogical approaches that would make me a better teacher for...

The Gevirtz School’s “Fast & Curious” lectures return in person to Santa Barbara Public Library

Gevirtz Graduate School of Education -

The lecture series, “Fast & Curious: ED Talks from UC Santa Barbara’s Gevirtz School,” returns for its first in-person event since Covid, on Wednesday, January 25, 2023 at 7 pm in the Faulkner Gallery of the Santa Barbara Public Library, 40 E. Anapamu St. The evening, which is free and open to the public, will feature three faculty members, two graduate students, and one postdoctoral fellow giving no more than eight-minute talks each...

Making sure those who should benefit, do: The community focus behind CDPH’s LBTQ Health Equity Initiative

Gevirtz Graduate School of Education -

For Isaiah Jay Jones, a first generation doctoral student in the Department of Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology (CCSP), joining the team working on the California Department of Public Health’s (CDPH) LBTQ Health Equity Initiative wasn’t just an easy choice, it was an exciting one. “The LBTQ Health Equity Initiative is really a culmination of our team’s interests, practice, and career goals,” they share. “I couldn’t help but want to...

Karen Nylund-Gibson awarded two major grants to rethink mixture modeling training workshops

Gevirtz Graduate School of Education -

Capacity building for education scholars includes a wide range of opportunities to stay up to date on research skills. One such way is to keep up on the ever growing statistical approaches through workshops that tend to follow similar delivery formats. Department of Education Professor Karen Nylund-Gibson is rethinking the approach of these trainings to make these methods accessible to those doing equity-focused scholarship.

The need...

Look at What We’ve Been Up To: Building a Faculty During a Pandemic

Gevirtz Graduate School of Education -

The pandemic-induced shutdown in March 2020 could have been cataclysmic for academia, as so much of teaching and learning is centered upon being present. (Let’s not even consider the difficulties of doing most research at a distance.) And while the Gevirtz School managed to pivot—at the very end of a quarter, no less—to all distance learning after teaching not a single course that way, there was yet another complication. How could the School...