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New Deans Named

UCSB’s Gevirtz Graduate School of Education taps two scholars as associate deans
Friday, June 8, 2018 - 11:00
Santa Barbara, CA

UC Santa Barbara’s Gevirtz Graduate School of Education (GSSE) has bolstered its commitment to academics and research with the addition of two members to the school’s leadership team. Jill Sharkey has been named associate dean for research and outreach and Hunter Gehlbach is now associate dean for academics and faculty development.

“Both associate deans will participate in policymaking, planning and the evaluation of the GGSE’s activities and assist me in ensuring that the university’s vision, mission and values are foundational elements in guiding decision-making and action within the GGSE,” said Jeffrey Milem, dean of GGSE.

Sharkey, a faculty member in the Department of Counseling, Clinical & School Psychology, said she was honored by the appointment and looks forward to collaborating with Milem and colleagues within and beyond the GGSE.

“Positive change in education happens when there is rigor in research, diligence in asking transformative questions, camaraderie in tackling challenges, commitment to mentoring students in data science, and the tenacity to disseminate findings in ways to positively impact a broad and diverse public,” said Sharkey, who was trained as a school psychologist and education researcher.

Gehlbach, an associate professor in the Department of Education, said he is eager to see how UCSB’s interdisciplinary approach to research can help GGSE in its work of preparing the next generation of educators.

“I am very excited to explore ways that the school might extend its local, regional and national impact on education — especially because many opportunities are likely to grow out of cross-campus collaborations that are mutually beneficial for both the GGSE and other groups on campus,” said Gehlbach, who has held multiple roles in education at the high school level.

Going forward, Milem said GGSE is poised to build on its strengths and develop new methods of preparing its students and supporting faculty.

“This is an exciting time of growth and opportunity for the Gevirtz School,” he said. “The appointments of deans Sharkey and Gehlbach reflect my desire to strengthen our academic community and support our growth — as teachers, researchers and administrators — in all the ways each of us can be a leader in education and applied psychology.”

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