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    #UCSB hosts 16th annual California Higher Education Sustainability Conference, addresses campus sustainability. https://t.co/bNBcGXJkGp
    40 min 43 sec ago
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    UCSB climate change conference brings together academics, activists to discuss the future of environmental activism. https://t.co/vw5DB184AE
    14 hours 20 min ago
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    Get ready! Summer films at the Courthouse start next week! https://t.co/P7HiieTzJv
    15 hours 31 min ago


  • photo of Android smartphone

    Computer scientists Christopher Kruegel and Giovanni Vigna receive a grant to study smartphone security issues.

  • Video of computer science professor Giovanni Vigna
    Video of computer science professor Giovanni Vigna

    The annual International Capture The Flag (iCTF) contest at UCSB let 1,300 students spend a day identifying their cyber vulnerabilities

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