News by Department

  • Engineering, Materials

    UCSB chemical engineers uncover ways to pattern solid surfaces to enhance how water interacts with them

  • Letters and Science

    UCSB’s Summer Music Festival to feature the Los Angeles Percussion Quartet and a diverse set of acts for its third season

  • Engineering, Materials, Letters and Science, Marine Science

    Novel research optimizes both elasticity and rigidity in the same material without the usual tradeoffs

  • Letters and Science, Economics

    Economist Rod Garratt discusses the future of digital currency

  • Letters and Science, Psychological and Brain Sciences

    Researchers show that category learning can be influenced by where an object is in our field of vision

  • Letters and Science, Psychological and Brain Sciences

    Psychology professor includes left-handers in research about how collectivistic cultures view “others”

  • Letters and Science

    Scholar’s book delves into the messy history of immigration and the law in the United States

  • Letters and Science

    The intensity of pride people feel for a given act or trait is set by an implicit mental map of what others value

  • Letters and Science, Ecology Evolution and Marine Biology

    With the removal of invasive rats from Palmyra Atoll, its native vegetation is making a grand comeback

  • Letters and Science

    Philosopher and co-author wins the prestigious Marc Sanders Prize in Metaethics for essay