These articles made readers feel impressed

    • Moai on Easter Island

    A collaborative study suggests that the island's native culture reacted to regional variations and environmental barriers to producing sufficient crops

    • Illustration of Terasaki spiral ramps

    Architecture imitates life, at least when it comes to those spiral ramps in multistory parking garages.

  • With George W. Bush and Al Gore Jr. already the obvious nominees of their parties for president of the United States, what questions remain to be answered by next month's political conventions?

    • Sierra Nevada yellow-legged frog

    New work by Andrea Jani and Cherie Briggs addresses a fundamental gap in disease ecology and microbiome research

    • Metro Theatre in Calcutta, India

    Book project looks at a complex history that includes controversy, charges of cultural imperialism and occasional violence

  • UCSB's Ann Plane studies the dreams of 17th-century English Settlers and Native Americans

    With journals and contemporary accounts as her guides, Ann Plane delves into the dreams of settlers and Native Americans

  • a video describing the MEDIC device

    A device only slightly longer than a jumbo paperclip could pave the way for critical advances in medicine

  • A look at UCSB's role in UC Global Food Initiative

    Fisheries research, sustainability practices, food security innovations are among UCSB's contributions to systemwide effort to address global food issues

    • UCSB CARE director Jill Dunlap

    Survivor advocacy model developed at UCSB is being adopted systemwide as part of UC initiative to address sexual assault

  • disc shaped microparticles use monocytes to get to their destination

    Polymeric microparticles are made to “hitchhike” to inflamed tissue in order to deliver their drug payload