These articles made readers feel impressed

  • Refsdal supernova

    Astronomers help with a discovery that enables a new way to study a distant supernova

    • Illustration of Terasaki spiral ramps

    Architecture imitates life, at least when it comes to those spiral ramps in multistory parking garages.

  • The Writer-in-Residence Series enables writing and literature students to engage with masters of the craft

  • Chris Van de Walle

    Chris Van de Walle is recognized for his work with superconducting and energy efficient materials

  • members of the 2014 UCSB Ethics Bowl team

    No debate here: The UC Santa Barbara team is a winner in the Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl.

  • With George W. Bush and Al Gore Jr. already the obvious nominees of their parties for president of the United States, what questions remain to be answered by next month's political conventions?

    • Sierra Nevada yellow-legged frog

    New work by Andrea Jani and Cherie Briggs addresses a fundamental gap in disease ecology and microbiome research

  • UCSB's Ann Plane studies the dreams of 17th-century English Settlers and Native Americans

    With journals and contemporary accounts as her guides, Ann Plane delves into the dreams of settlers and Native Americans

    • Frank Doyle and Eyal Dassau

    UCSB and Yale University researchers receive a grant to develop an artificial pancreas to manage Type 1 diabetes in children

  • A look at UCSB's role in UC Global Food Initiative

    Fisheries research, sustainability practices, food security innovations are among UCSB's contributions to systemwide effort to address global food issues