These articles made readers feel happy

  • Bella DePaulo examines 21st-century living arrangements

    Social psychologist Bella DePaulo documents evolving modern movement away from nuclear-family households.

  • progenitor cells injected into an eye

    Retinitis pigmentosa (RP) is a progressive inherited disease of the eye, in which the light-sensitive photoreceptor cells located in the retina degenerate.

    • Jane Faulkner and students

    The students in UCSB’s Freshman Summer Start Program take advantage of an early start to their college careers


    Four students selected as participants in initiative designed to enhance how UCSB prepares undergrads in biomedical research

    • Special Olympics practice

    Special Olympics athletes make a stop at UCSB on their way to compete in the 2015 World Games in Los Angeles

  • Four graduating seniors share their thoughts as they bid farewell to UCSB and step into the next chapter of their lives.

    • Kate Parkinson and Emilie Wood

    UCSB's inaugural group of UC Global Food Initiative Fellows are studying food insecurity among students and food waste on campus

  • Margaret T. Getman Service to Students Award recipients

    Staff and faculty members are recognized for their contributions to the quality of student life

    • Ken Hiltner, UCSB

    Campus Sustainability Champion Ken Hiltner is putting his award to work with the Environmental Humanities Initiative

  • Tesosterone supplements may lead to prostate enlargement

    Study by UCSB anthropologists connects increased diabetes risk and higher levels of testosterone to prostate enlargement