These articles made readers feel happy

  • photo of view of former golf course

    A $1 million grant will help re-green part of a former golf course turned public open space.

  • From the Thunderdome to the Faculty Club Green, watch as more than 5,700 graduates celebrate their graduation on Commencement weekend.

    • UCSB commencement

    A visual treat: photos from all eight Commencement ceremonies held at UC Santa Barbara.

    • New Caledonian Crow

    Crows can discriminate between different volumes of water, passing a modified test that so far only 7- to 10-year-old children have been able to complete successfully

  • Mosaic of Commencement 2014 Mortarboards

    UCSB graduates used their heads, and their mortarboards, to make statements at commencement ceremonies last week. Here's a sampling of some of those fun, witty and smart caps.

    • photo of CCS 2014 commencement speakers

    UC Santa Barbara sent its first graduates of 2014 out into the world on Sunday, June 8

  • Just in time for Valentine's Day, we present a video featuring students, faculty and staff telling us why they love UC Santa Barbara. And make sure you watch to the end, for a few surprises. Video by Spencer Bruttig

  • A Day in the Life of UCSB

    In late October, a team of photographers and videographer Spencer Bruttig traversed the UC Santa Barbara campus to capture a slice of life, from sunrise to sunset. We think you'll enjoy their presentation.

  • Fun and science go hand in hand at UCSB Summer Science Camp

    At science camp kids are encouraged to take things apart and break things to explore all the possibilities

    • UCSB, students, Storke Tower

    Chancellor Henry T. Yang opened Storke Tower to UC Santa Barbara students on Friday, May 22, to fulfill the promise he made last year for the University of California Promise for Education campaign.