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Art for Anthropology

UCSB student artists contribute themed works for ongoing 'exhibit' in Department of Anthropology
Monday, January 9, 2017 - 12:30
Santa Barbara, CA

Asked for his eye and expertise in filling six wall-mounted glasses cases sitting empty in UC Santa Barbara’s Department of Anthropology, UCSB graphics specialist Dan Van Dorn turned some of the campus’s greatest creators: students.

Wanting to curate an “artistic, cohesive ‘exhibit,’ rather than graphic stuff in six individual cases,” Van Dorn reached out to UCSB’s art department and “got a flood of eager students coming forward.” The work of seven student artists, created with anthropology in mind, now adorns three distinct wings in the department.

“I gave them the general themes but let them decide media and style,” Van Dorn said. “No money exchanged except reimbursement for supplies. I promised them that it would be a long-term display and I mounted their names/statements next to pieces. We also promoted it on our Facebook and website.

“When planning this project, I didn't realize how much the students craved opportunities like this,” he added. “Students want to contribute. Let's give them real-world opportunities.”

The contributing artists are Tom Pazderka; Pilar Herrera; Sing Hang Tam; Nina Spring; Taylor Moon; Trevor Coopersmith; and Gabriel Cárdenas.

Contact Info: 

Shelly Leachman
(805) 893-8726