Monday, August 9, 1999 - 17:00
Santa Barbara, CA

The 1949 and 1954 classes of the University of California, Santa Barbara College will celebrate their 50th and 45th reunions on Aug. 14 at 4 p.m. The 19th Annual Riviera Reunion will be held in the quad of the former Riviera campus at 2030 Alameda Padre Serra.

"It was a time of transition and a lot of fun," says Junemarie Davidson Reynolds, 1949 student body vice president. "The little Riviera campus was crowded with servicemen. Housing and parking were difficult to find, but we were all so relieved that World War II was over. We were getting on with the job of gaining an education. Can't say we were too concerned with the world, more concerned with our own activities."

"We put a little notice in the newspaper and held the first reunion at the El Encanto Hotel," says Paula Stansbury, chair and co-founder of the Riviera Reunions along with her late husband Robert. "My goodness, we had a line about a block long to get in. We all had a great time and took pictures in front of the old campus. It was a quiet beginning, but every year it gets better and better---nobody ever wants to go home."

A program at 5 p.m. will honor both classes. A social hour will precede and a barbecue dinner will follow the program. The reunions are for everyone who attended or taught on the Riviera campus of Santa Barbara State College and UCSBC, antecedents of UCSB. For information, call the UCSB Alumni Office, 893-2957.